You’ll consider going remote if you read this

You’ll consider going remote if you read this

First, a brief intro

You’ve probably heard of remote work? It’s very quickly becoming a thing but just in case you’ve never come across it (unlikely as that is), it’s simply a work style that is done remotely i.e. not location based as with normal traditional jobs. When working remote, you work over the internet.

I simply love the way Remote Year describes it:

“a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully.”

I absolutely agree with the last sentence that work doesn’t have to be done from a specific location or office to be successfully done – well, at least certain jobs don’t need a fixed office.

Some jobs that don’t need a traditional office

So, moving on…now that we have a fairly good idea of what remote work is, here are some jobs that can be done remotely without any hassle:

1. Web Content Development

Top of the list and one I have done over the past 5+ years. Web content development can be efficiently done remotely, all you need do is work on content projects assigned to you – SEO blog posts, eBooks, website content etc. and submit (over the internet). If it needs revision, you do that as well and submit (still over the internet). You don’t need to be restricted to a specific office to do any of these.

2. Graphic Design

Very similar to Web content development, graphic design projects such as logo design, infographics, fliers you name it can be very effectively done remotely, no need for a traditional office space or a 9 – 5 job to do any of these.

Other examples

I’m sure you get the idea now so I’ll just go on and list other jobs that can be perfectly done remotely, no need for a traditional office space:

  • Web development (frontend, backend)
  • Programming/coding/software development
  • Online tutoring
  • Translation and transcription
  • Virtual assistance and countless more.

Perks of working remotely and why you should consider going remote

1. Flexibility!

The greatest advantage of remote work is the flexible lifestyle it supports. With remote work, you’re not restricted to an office space from 9:00AM – 5:00PM, you can set your schedule to suite your lifestyle.

You’ll consider going remote if you read this post - flexible lifestyle
You’ll consider going remote if you read this post – flexible lifestyle

For instance, as a parent you’ll be able to tweak your work schedule so that it doesn’t get in the way of spending time with your kid(s), family. If you’re a student, remote work would better allow you create a balance between school and work and if you just like to travel and explore new places, why not? You only need to take your work with you.

2. More jobs to choose from

Like Jobrem’s welcome note, you can work remotely for companies, businesses and individuals half-way around the world, fully connected – video conferences, emails, instant messaging and all.

Remote work opens up more opportunities for you, giving you a wider range of jobs to choose from. As a remote worker that is good at what you do, you’re not restricted to a few jobs in your city, rather, you’re free to go for the big clients (that pay better),

Remote hiring is also great for the companies too because with it, they can hire top talents from all around the world – giving them the best hands they need to succeed in their business.

3. Lower living cost – you get to save more

Since your job isn’t location based, you’re absolutely free to work from locations with lower living costs, no need to get that expensive apartment simply because it’s close to your office, no need commuting to work on a daily basis, no need spending money to get a professional wardrobe, or on child care for when you’re away at work and so on. With remote work, you get to spend less and of course save more.

Taking it a step further…

You’ll consider going remote if you read this post - taking it a step further
You’ll consider going remote if you read this post – taking it a step further

To take it a step further, with remote work, you can relocate to cities with much lower living cost e.g. Chiang Mai (Thailand), Canggu (Indonesia) and Kyiv (Ukraine), exploring, broadening your horizon and taking your work along with you.

4. Save time – spend less time on the road

Remember you don’t have to get to work every day, so you spend less time in traffic, commuting to and from work. You might not get the value of this unless you live in a really busy city where you can literally spend hours in traffic every week.

Other benefits of remote work

You’ll consider going remote if you read this post - cowork and network
You’ll consider going remote if you read this post – cowork and network

Get to cowork and network: travel the world, get a better global understanding while building your professional network.

Increased productivity: work when you’re most productive/creative.

A happier work life: travel, explore, do the things you love while you work.

Better health and wellness: take better care of your health/wellness.

To wrap it up

The perks of remote work are really mouthwatering and although there could be a few snags, the advantages so far outweigh the disadvantages. So, what are your thoughts on remote work? Are you considering going remote or do you still prefer your traditional day/night job? I’d like to get your feedback here.

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