Why are more companies opting for remote workers?

A brief intro and some stats

It’s no secret that more and more companies like Amazon, Apple, Dell and lots more are opting for remote workers. According to a study by Flexjobs, remote work grew by 22% within the space of 1 year (2017 – 2018). Additionally, a whopping 97% of the 3,000+ respondents that participated in the study are interested in flexible work in the long term.

This post already does a fantastic job pointing out the benefits of remote work for employees. Now, we’ll highlight what’s in it for the companies – why more companies are opting for remote workers, enjoy!

So why are more companies opting for remote employees?

Companies and businesses world over are opting for remote work because of the huge benefits it presents. Major benefits are highlighted below starting from the most important, read on!

1. It’s way cheaper…way cheaper

No doubt, one of the main reasons why lots of companies are going remote is because it’s cheaper. Companies that hire remote workers spend less on providing and maintaining office spaces for employees and this applies to both fully remote companies and hybrid companies (companies that offer both remote and in-office options). For instance, businesses can save up to $10,000 on each employee that works remotely instead on in-office!

2. Greater access to top talent

Another major reason why businesses are going remote is because it allows them recruit from a wider talent pool. When you’re hiring remote workers, you aren’t restricted to the few professionals in your city/locality. The entire world (or at least most of it) becomes your talent pool – allowing you to pick only the best that would grow your business. You only need to get the word out that you’re recruiting.

3. But that’s not all…

Because 68% of millennials prefer to work in companies that allow remote work, less than half of this population (32%) prefer strict in-office companies. It means that companies that allow remote work have a talent pool that’s more than twice that of their counterparts that don’t have remote work as an option.

4. Improved staff productivity and effectiveness

Why are more companies opting for remote workers - greater productivity
Why are more companies opting for remote workers – greater productivity

Remote workers are more productive and effective than in-office employees. This is because since work is done remotely, workers can work when they are most productive, put in more hours in actual work (they can work when on vacation and yes! even when sick even if just to pass time). Also, don’t forget that remote workers don’t have to spend hours commuting to and from work (especially in really busy cities with lots of traffic).

Additionally, remote work is less stressful and allows employees to better balance work and life allowing them to give their best to work.

5. Healthier workers

Why are more companies opting for remote workers - healthier workers
Why are more companies opting for remote workers – healthier workers

Several studies including this have shown Remote workers are generally healthier than their non-remote counterparts. This is because a remote work lifestyle

  • Is more satisfying
  • Is less stressful (for instance, no daily commute to and from work)
  • Supports healthier eating
  • Gives more time for exercise and workouts among other.

6. Keeps employees more focused on work

Why are more companies opting for remote workers - greater productivity
Why are more companies opting for remote workers – greater productivity

Remote workers are more focused on actual work – less distraction from colleagues dropping-by unannounced for a quick chat, no distraction from loud phone conversations and so on.

7. It keeps older workers in the workforce longer

Older workers are willing to keep working remotely even past retirement age. This is because it keeps them active and engaged and hey! don’t forget that workers in this category have quite a wealth of knowledge and experience so it’s an absolute win for the companies too!

8. It’s good for the environment – it helps companies go green

For companies that care about the environment, hiring remote workers is a very effective way of reducing fossil fuel consumption and saving the environment. Do the math – going remote means fewer workers commuting to and from office and other office related activities.

Finally, the end

Remote work has lots of potential in the future, especially because its benefits aren’t one-sided i.e. it’s beneficial to both the companies and employees alike. In this post, I highlighted (in order of priority) the eight (8) major reasons why companies all over the world are opting for remote workers.

So are you a remote worker, I’d love to hear from you here – what do you think about remote work? Is it really the future of work? Looking for your next remote job, here is the perfect place to start your search, you’ll surely find one that’s perfect for you!