The World of Metaverse: Moving from Real Estate to Unreal Estate

The World of Metaverse: Moving from Real Estate to Unreal Estate

The World of Metaverse: Moving from Real Estate to Unreal Estate. Find out more on how to make the most of this opportunity on

Introducing the “unreal estate”

The World of Metaverse: Moving from Real Estate to Unreal Estate - Read more on
The “unreal estate” – credits: Prawny from Pixabay

Would it be right to use the word ‘crazy’ when defining business concepts and new trends that are in vogue? It is surprising how our present world seems to place value on things that are not real thereby making the unreal become more valuable than the real in some cases. Same thing is gradually playing out in the real estate industry, it is beginning to have a competitor which I call the unreal estate.

To explain this further, let’s start with ‘cryptocurrency’ which is presently a popular term. Now, how would you explain the rise of a currency that cannot be seen with the naked eyes, yet people believe it does exist and can exchange it for something valuable.

When you purchase Bitcoin you don’t see or receive any tangible item, you only see figures displayed on your screen which indicates the presence of a currency. This means the availability of a currency can be proven by the display of figures on a digital screen as long as the source or authenticity of those digital values is widely recognized and accepted. This same concept of digital asset with intrinsic value is presently extending to other areas and industries aside the financial industry.

Real estate is a popular term, how about the unreal estate. In real estate, you can visit any land owner and purchase a developed or undeveloped property and get your allocated property which you can see and touch with your hands. So how about the unreal estate which you can also purchase from a property owner but with an interesting difference. In the case of unreal estate, you have nothing to feel or touch, same way you don’t touch digital currencies.

In unreal estate, digital and pictorial representations of your asset is your proof of ownership and you have the right to keep or sell your asset at any time and to anybody anywhere in the world. This concept of the unreal estate is presently referred to as ‘Metaverse.’

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I chose to use the term ‘unreal estate’ because it sounds cool for me and straightly gives one a clue about an asset that cannot be touched or felt with the physical hands. I’m also guessing I’m the first to coin the term unreal estate as it relates to metaverse and the world of virtual real estate. Trust me, not everyone would easily come to terms with the fact that this is already practiced and that some persons have made financial gains by trading their unreal asset. You have nothing to worry about still if you want to explore on this as I will be giving you some way-forward guidelines towards having a share of the unreal estate.

Firstly, to jump into the bandwagon of unreal estate owners, you can visit an online market place that trades this asset. An example of an online market place for metaverse is which gives you a display of the maps of different regions and countries of the unreal estate and the available portions for purchase.

Not all space is available for purchase as there are owners presently in some of these locations which means you have the option of bidding for a particular space or purchasing from areas that are available to anyone willing to purchase at a specified amount. The size of the space you intend purchasing is directly proportional to the amount you will pay. Also, the country or region you are purchasing from also determines the amount you will be charged for your purchase.

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This basically gives you a head start towards the unreal estate and makes you understand that you can actually purchase, hold and trade at any time of your choosing. If you purchase and choose to sell at a later time, you can set your selling price or ask people to bid from which you make your sale and keep your profit.

For now, it is important to be in the know about new trends showing up because when an interesting and vital concept becomes known globally to the average person, then you are already late. Same thing happened when Bitcoin was showing up and getting ignored by many until it became more valuable that several industries.

Going forward, I think the unreal estate industry is no longer new and you can get going on it at your will. If you have any challenge investing in the unreal estate, then you can channel your enquiries for more clarifications.

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