The Big Business of Online Freelance Platforms – The Fiverr and Jobrem Story

Online freelance platforms are becoming big businesses, not necessarily because of the money the founders make, but because of the number of users that visit such platforms.

The story of Fiverr and Jobrem which are both online freelance platforms, actually showcases the need of those that want to connect with others who can provide certain services online such as graphic design, web development, social media marketing, content development and several others. Those who have the required skill to perform certain services also visit either or to find available jobs.

Fiverr and Jobrem may be different in their approach, but both have similar attributes of connecting people online so that services can be delivered.

Fiverr came up with a business model that emphasized the ability of getting a work done online for just five dollars. Though many creative and skilled workers that worked offline rained down criticism on Fiverr for its propensity to push high-paying companies to its platform online thereby forcing companies to pay peanuts for a service that previously would cost much.

The founders of Fiverr weren’t bothered with criticism as they were solely concerned about building their business. They succeeded at making the platform attractive to both service buyers and service sellers. So who wouldn’t want to get a good result for a much cheaper price, which is part of what is making the online freelance business to continuously boom and experience increasing patronage.

Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger both designed a platform – Fiverr, to be a leading platform in the delivery of online remote jobs. In the year 2010, Fiverr was unknown to many but now the platform can’t be ignored in the online freelancing world.

Fiverr is presently known to be among the top 100 sites in the United States, which is quite a good achievement for a company that has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Just a few companies with headquarters outside the United States can attain the level of online penetration that Fiverr seem to enjoy in the States.

The year 2019 witnessed another new leap for Fiverr as the company went public and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Just few internet companies based out of the United States have achieved that level. So what does it communicate to us about the possibilities available in the online freelancing world? It is obvious their online freelance platforms are definitely playing a huge role in the internet landscape.

Years back just a few will be able to predict the ability of a freelancing platform getting listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But now it is obvious that there are more technology investors that are ready to invest in a freelancing platform because of the expanding market available for such platforms.

The Big Business of Online Freelance Platforms - The Fiverr and Jobrem Story
The Big Business of Online Freelance Platforms – The Fiverr and Jobrem Story

Jobrem as a platform has also witnessed a high volume of traffic since its inception in 2019. At such a short time the platform has become a choice place for many to connect with either service providers or those who want to hire people online. The platform regularly updates its site with job opportunities that can be accessed by those who can creatively handle the task listed. More so, those who need remote workers for their project can visit the platform so that their jobs can be posted after contacting the site administrators so that a job request can be verified.

Both and are good promoters of the ability to get work done irrespective of your geographical location and the persons that can be hired is not limited to a certain tribe or country. One can imagine the creativity that will be realized by engaging two different persons from different continents to get a work done.

Remote job boards provide a means of helping many get in touch with the creative display of others, it provides a means of expanding ones mental horizon, because you could decide to hire someone online for a particular task and provide the requirements, while you realize that the suggestion provided by the service seller appears better than what you thought about.

Lastly, we don’t need a soothsayer to let us know that there are endless possibilities available in the world of freelancing. An increasing number of jobs are going online and there are more people that are swapping their offline employees to people who can get the job done from any part of the world.

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