Looking for a remote freelance writer?

How Jobrem and Toptal stand out from the rest

I understand how you feel, you can’t find the time required to write some contents for your business when you know full well that the content will greatly affect the growth of your business and connect you with new customers. Maybe you also had it in mind to develop a bestselling book based on a concept or idea you conceived. The idea for a new book came while embarking on a train ride- exactly what happened to J.K Rawlings that is now famous for the Harry Porter series.

Looking for a remote freelance writer - how Jobrem and Toptal stand out from the rest
Looking for a remote freelance writer – how Jobrem and Toptal stand out from the rest

So the question you get greeted with every time you consider working on a writing task is, how you can find a remote freelance writer that can give you the very best of content writing while you take all the glory for your business and personal success story. The freelance writer remains unknown to the public but still enjoys a win-win since the writers keeps the bucks you are willing to spare in exchange for quality content delivery.

Now, there are several platforms that connects you with freelance writers and even at that, some go the extra mile of vetting the freelance writers that work for them. So before you start visiting a random website online, if you are looking for a remote freelance writer, it is important to figure out the site that has a measure in place to vet all freelance writers and ensure that the writers have an agreement to transfer all rights to the contents produced to the buyers without laying claim to any content they work on.

This is where platforms like Jobrem comes with its unique selling point. The platform works with only tested and trusted freelance writers that are in compliance with the rules of the platform and that is not all. Jobrem accepts writers only by referral from a professional, thereby ensuring that a freelance writer must be experienced as attested by the referee and also be known to be of good conduct while handling the project of clients.

The tactics used by several other platforms that connects you to freelance writers is basically to request for certain details of the freelance writers without going above aboard and ensuring that competent hands are accepted and allowed to handle sensitive details of professionals around the world.

More so, some freelance writers fall into the trap of exposing delicate content of their clients to others. For example, when an individual visits a popular freelancing platform and seeks to hire a freelancer. The person will usually request for a sample of an already written content produced by the freelancer, and the freelancer will most likely share a document that was written for a previous client. This leads to an exposure of some sensitive information that would have been safely kept without any exposure.

Now if you intend working on sensitive information such as a court case that may pique global attention, or you have an intellectual property that is worth millions, then it is important to seek for a platform that is renowned for safely handling such important and delicate information.

Toptal also has its unique selling point that is obvious to many, and just a few freelancers are allowed to get into the platform, and before you can get enlisted on the platform you have to prove the skill you possess. There are numerous questions asked by Toptal to ensure that just a few persons that are competent are enlisted on the platform and the aim of such vetting is to ensure that the quality of work delivered is top-notch.

So it is now obvious that you should consider either Jobrem or Toptal when you need to make a choice regarding the right platform to work with when you need quality and trust-worthy freelance writers. At this time you definitely don’t need a platform that promises the lowest price without making you enjoy peace of mind as a result of poor security measures employed by freelancers to protect the contents they work with.

Lastly, you can spin a coin to determine the best platform to work with while considering either Jobrem or Toptal. The major difference between the two can be seen in the ability of Jobrem to accept freelance writers based on referral from writing professionals, else either of the two will be fine for you and the overall success of your business if you are looking for a remote freelance writer, so go for best-in-class platforms.

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