Internet Penetration and the Rise of Verified Remote Jobs

Remote jobs is not new to the 21st century because several years back, consultants worked remotely. At that time there were scholarly individuals who served as consultants to one or two political leaders, and it wasn’t possible for them to attend to different persons at the same time. Big shot consultants had to find a means of consulting for their clients by responding to enquiries through the use of paper and pen which was the most effective means of communicating ideas.

Now the consultants that attended to high profile individuals had to figure out a means of getting paid in a different country or their local currency as they so wish. For consultants that hired staff to handle the paper work, it meant that they were directly or indirectly involved in the work requested by someone in a different location and in the same way had to benefit from foreign currency exchange.

Now if remote jobs was known and practiced years back among some individuals, then it is obvious that internet penetration will definitely enhance the growth of remote job practice.

The reason for the increasing awareness towards remote work is obvious. Internet usage has made it possible for people to enjoy text, audio and visual communication without doubt about their ability to access people in a different location via the internet.

Previously it was expensive to perform currency exchange or send cash to a consultant that is based out of your country or living in a different continent. But presently, making payment to any part of the world is just a seamless process that is as quick as possible. This reminds me of a remote work I handled for someone in a different country. We had just met online and he wanted me to handle his project relating to blockchain technology. In just few minutes of communicating online he was ready to make payment in bitcoins for the work required. Quite interesting that someone he was meeting online for the first time and he was ready to make payment for the service to be delivered. Note I mean, service to be delivered, which makes it clear that the internet has made it possible to easily assess someone and see his ability to handle a given task. The client I mentioned most likely saw details of my records online as well as the jobs I’d handled relating to blockchain.

My experience is just one among many where people seal deals in thousands of dollars without having any physical contact with the person at the other end. The ability to seal such deals online is possible because the internet has provided several avenues for people to get assessed by other parties. The assessment can be via a personal website, contents on social media pages, online publications as well as live video chat that makes it convenient to interview someone and also understand people better through their non-verbal communication and their facial expression.

If you are considering going remote and engaging people remotely either via rendering a service online or purchasing a service online, then I must say that you are late in catching up with the changing work landscape. It’s actually pleasant to provide or request for value from people that are far from your geographical location, the creativity you get to is second-to-none because creativity is widespread and not limited to your geographical space.

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