How the digital age affects interaction, connection and work

It’s really fascinating to ponder on the lifestyle of our present society in comparison with what was obtainable years back. In the last two to three centuries back, when the world was built by the agrarian system, families and individuals spent more time with themselves and less time with others.

Individuals back then built their houses themselves without any external support. Food was made available once you can visit a nearby forest and hunt the animal you need for a day or two. Crops were grown on subsistence basis and there was little or no need to visit a supermarket or a nearby store to ask for bread or any of such since all that was needed could be produced at home.

How the digital age affects interaction, connection and work - simple agrarian lifestlye - Jobrem
How the digital age affects interaction, connection and work – simple agrarian lifestyle – Jobrem

At that time, an individual was responsible for the construction of his edifice to serve mainly as shelter without much consideration to comfort. Same individual will also grapple with the task of growing crops at the nearby farm and also taming the livestock reared at home.

Now it’s obvious that the rise of modern technology has affected human interaction with others. There is little or no need to talk to a next-door neighbor if one chooses to remain in solitude. Actually, why bother another person with a boring discussion if you can get all the information you need from the internet – at least we all may have thought same way on one occasion or the other.

The world seems to have gone digital with reduced need for human interaction, and that makes it possible for an individual to visit another continent or a different country without interacting with anybody until when the individual is back to her home country. Trust me that’s without any form of exaggeration.

Think about it, you can get your travel documents prepared online, get to the airport and just present your papers before boarding your aircraft, and prior to that, you already have your preferred seat selected as well as your preferred in-flight meal without having to communicate with the air hostess. While on flight you get hold of the in-flight entertainment system without feeling lonely, and yes, your gadgets keep you company so no need to talk with the passenger seating next to you.

More so, you can step into a new country without having any conversation with the immigration officers, all the details they require from you is available via your passport number, so you can just shove your passport across the counter without saying a word. That is the world we are in right now, little or no conversation with others while staying connected with happenings taking place all over the world.

This makes it clear that our present-day lifestyle has close resemblance with the mode of operation of the agrarian society that existed several years back. But the differentiating factor is the level of connectivity with the global world.

Everyone presently enjoys the high level of connectivity with the outside world with the availability of fast-speed internet and high-tech devices to facilitate the process. The story of a South-Korean lady is much talked about online, she encountered a terrible situation when her island was bombed by the North-Korean government. She got to know about the situation via twitter without any clue about the situation from neighbors or passersby.

This reiterates the present world system that experiences more global connection with little physical human interaction. The lifestyle has led to reduced need for physical interpersonal communication, and since this is the case, there is actually no need to be limited by geographical space.

Those who want to take advantage of the changing lifestyle of our present world need to consider learning a skill that can be easily monetized irrespective of the geographical location of both the service buyer and the service seller. So welcome to the digital world.

How the digital age affects interaction, connection and work - travel the world taking your work along - Jobrem
How the digital age affects interaction, connection and work – travel the world taking your work along – Jobrem

Going forward, platforms like Jobrem provide an excellent means of monetizing the skill you have, enabling you to leverage on the benefits of the digital age and travel round the world while staying connected to clients all over the world.

Now back to where we started regarding the quiet lifestyle of the agrarian society, anyone can choose to move to a lonely island without any interaction with humans, while enjoying the sound of humming birds, as long as there is internet connection for you to keep working. If you are thinking of the right destination to connect with jobs that gives you a flexible lifestyle, then Jobrem comes in handy. Lastly, the weird and surprising fact is that; in the digital age, choosing to have physical interaction with those in your immediate environment is your call to make, as long as you stay connected with the happenings taking place all over the world.