9 to 5 and remote work, which is better?

How remote jobs enhances your connectivity coefficient

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are known to have high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and both are successful businessmen. But are you aware that Intelligence Quotient is not considered a major factor regarding how wealthy an individual becomes? It is known that other traits such as Social Quotient, Adversity Quotient and Connectivity Quotient plays a much better role in the success people achieve in business.

So, if you seek for improved connectivity coefficient, here is the ultimate question: How do remote jobs and telecommuting influence the connectivity coefficient of an individual?

Firstly, let’s get to the root of the term usage, “Connectivity Quotient”. Well, it is known that not all humans possess gregarious camaraderie. Not everyone is capable of connecting with people easily without having any sense of guilt about meeting a total stranger. Not everyone can cope in a new environment without any form of fear.

Connectivity Quotient is considered as the ability of an individual to easily connect with other people, especially a connection with those who may not share similar ideology.

If you are still asking why we need to connect together as humans, then you should know that nature favors connection. The world functions properly via connection and collaboration. Our natural resources come into maximum utilization when there is effective connection.

A classic example is the case of the element known as Aluminum. Aluminum was totally useless until the discovery of an electrolysis process that enabled scientist to combine Aluminum with other elements, and today the result of such combination led to the production of stainless steel and other useful materials. Which makes it clear that nature is wired to encourage connection.

That is not all regarding the way nature wants us to connect. If we consider the use of pillars in the construction of buildings, we realize that pillars are made with the use of both concrete and steel. Concrete is a combination of both sand, stones and cement, but that mixture alone cannot sustain a building if steel is not fixed in the concrete pillar.

So why is concrete and steel connection important? Concrete has high coefficient of expansion but low tensile strength while steel has high tensile strength and low coefficient of expansion. So what this means practically is that the shortcomings of concrete is taken care of by the steel attached while the shortcomings of steel is also insignificant as a result of the strength of the concrete.

Now here goes an important question. How does remote work enhance connectivity? Before the advent of the internet, it was practically impossible to work on a given project with other people located in different parts of the world, but in our present time, it is now easy to kick start a project in Africa and setup a team based in the United States to be part of the project execution.

By connecting with people from different parts of the world and handling projects that enables you to exchange ideas and be more open to accept the suggestions of others, you will be enhancing your connectivity coefficient and positioning yourself to easily peer towards the concepts and suggestions of others despite how weird or awkward it may appear at first glance or initial consideration.

Lastly, for every human to make significant progress in life, we must be prepared to connect with others in order to benefit from what they have to offer. We all possess innate potentials, yet a good blend of our potentials with that of others will enable that which is in us to be much more appreciated. So, what are you doing to connect with others, which involves connecting with those residing far from your geographical location? No need to worry since you can engage in remote jobs and telecommuting engagement, because it gives you that privilege to easily connect with others. More so, a platform like is a perfect place to connect with both workers and the employers of various services.

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