Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does it cost to use Jobrem?

It costs nothing to use Jobrem i.e. there are no fees for hiring (employers) or getting hired (remote workers/telecommuters/freelancers) via Jobrem. Jobrem does not take any percentage of your earnings neither do we charge to advertise your remote opening to the top talent you need.

2. How do I get paid when hired via Jobrem?

You’re free to decide whichever payment method and schedule works best for you and your client/employer. Your earnings do not come through Jobrem, we only link you to genuine employers and create a reliable platform for genuine employers to find remote workers.

3. How can I improve my chances of getting hired?

Getting hired depends on how well you make your application stand out from the rest. As remote work/telecommuting becomes more commonplace, competition for available remote jobs gets stiffer, you therefore need to stand out from the rest to get hired by remote employers/companies/businesses. You can achieve this by crafting a resume that really sells and building an impressive portfolio.

4. Can Jobrem help me get remote jobs?

Presently, we only connect remote workers with genuine remote employers and vice versa, we don’t give guarantees that you’ll get jobs you find on Jobrem’s extensive database

We can however help you craft a resume that really sells and work with you to build up a really impressive portfolio that employers won’t be able to resist. This service is not free and is available only on request. To request this service, simply shoot us a mail here: and we’ll be right there to assist!

5. How’s Jobrem different from other remote job sites?

i. Jobrem is absolutely free!

There is no fee for posting a job and getting remote workers via Jobrem. There is also no fee for remote workers/telecommuters/freelancers getting remote jobs via Jobrem. To apply to remote jobs, simply click the “Apply for job” button beside the job, you’ll be redirected to where you can apply, simply follow the instructions there and remember to state that you found the job via where provision is made for that. Always ensure to fill in your correct details and follow all instructions.

ii. Jobrem lists only verified remote openings

Jobrem features lots of trusted brands and companies looking to hire remote workers and agencies to grow their business. We stick to only verified openings!

iii. Long term opportunities

At Jobrem, we aren’t all about short term gigs like Fiverr, Freelancer and other freelance platforms, we rather focus on consistent, long term and of course genuine remote work except in cases where employers contact us to list short term openings for them.

iv. With Jobrem, there’s no need to bid

Since we are not just another freelance market place, you don’t have to bid for jobs, simply apply directly to employers with your resume and/or portfolio of previous jobs and get hired!

6. Why is Jobrem free?

At Jobrem, we truly believe in the future of remote work, as veteran remote workers who have worked with individuals and businesses from around the world, we appreciate the benefits of remote work/telecommuting and are really eager to see it grow. We firmly believe that remote work is the future of work! (read more about this here).

Although as an online business, we need funds to keep the Jobrem running – web hosting, domain name, hiring and paying remote staff (yes, Jobrem operates remotely too!) and of course profit, we use other means to generate the needed revenue at no cost to remote workers and employers alike.

7. How do you generate revenue?

Presently, we generate revenue to keep Jobrem running via:

  1. Affiliate marketing (Google Adsense and affiliate links from partners),
  2. Selling additional premium services like: resume writing, portfolio development, WordPress site/blog setup and customization.

All our premium services are available only on request

8. Why start Jobrem?

As experienced remote workers and freelancers, we recognized that one of the greatest setback remote workers (both newcomers and veterans) face is the challenge of FAKE REMOTE JOBS!

Unfortunately, fraudulent individuals and businesses have hijacked the remote job scene, flooding it with fake remote openings to stealing information from unsuspecting remote workers and freelancers or driving traffic to their sites and products.

We therefore came up with Jobrem – a well maintained platform that lists only remote job opportunities so that remote workers can apply with confidence.

9. You list only verified remote jobs; how do we achieve this?

As a team of seasoned remote workers and freelancers, we verify every remote job opening on a case-by-case basis to make sure they are authentic before listing them. That way, we only list the genuine ones and kick out the trash.

Having had some unpleasant experiences in the past, we hate fraudulent remote job adverts created to take advantage of remote workers who are often vulnerable because of their need for remote jobs.

Check out our verified remote openings here!

10. What makes Jobrem unique?

Jobrem is unique because the platform is not driven by profit but the passion to promote remote jobs opportunities and make people step into the changing world system that promotes telecommuting.

11. Can I subscribe to Jobrem?

Absolutely! You can subscribe to new remote job opportunities, news & tips for remote workers and employers and lots more on Jobrem!

12. As a remote worker, what are the benefits of subscribing to Jobrem?

As a remote worker, subscribing to Jobrem keeps you way ahead of other remote workers. You get notified of new remote jobs as soon as they available, you also stay up to date on tips, gadgets, courses and tons of other resources to enhance your remote work and lifestyle!

13. As a remote employer, how does Jobrem help my business?

Via Jobrem, you get applications from top talent from all around the world or whichever region you specify.

Here’s how – Jobrem has a very wide reach that is still rapidly growing! When you advertise your remote jobs with us, it gets massive response from top talent and this gives you applications from the best hands that will grow your business.

14. How reliable is the information shared on Jobrem?

The information shared on Jobrem is very reliable, we thoroughly fact check every remote opening before listing. We don’t tolerate fake/misleading remote job openings or job adverts targeted at only driving traffic and/or taking advantage of remote job seekers.

15. As an employer, can I post remote job opportunities on Jobrem?

Yes, if you have legitimate remote job openings, you are welcome to share them via the ‘Post a job’ page or by shooting us an email here: Kindly note that we don’t share fraudulent or fake or misleading job openings, so any remote job(s) submitted will first be properly vetted by the Jobrem Team to verify its authenticity before they are listed.

16. When is the best time to visit Jobrem?

Anytime! Jobrem caters for users from different time zones (from Asia to Africa, Europe to Australia and world over), so there is basically no “best time” to visit. We are live 24/7, sharing new verified jobs for remote workers around the world.

17. Can I find Amazon work-from-home jobs on Jobrem?

Absolutely! Amazon work-from-home jobs are available on Jobrem, so you are welcome to browse through and apply to as many that match your skill set.

18. How many remote jobs are available on Jobrem at any time?

Unlike other remote job sites that share any and every “job opportunity” (regardless of whether it is legit or not), Jobrem has relatively fewer job openings, these are however verified, authentic remote jobs. We do everything to keep out the fake offers, you are therefore welcome to browse through our list of verified remote jobs and apply with confidence!

19. Do you also provide Apple work-from-home jobs?

Yes, in fact, not only from Apple, the best work-from-home jobs are available on Jobrem. When you browse our collection, you’ll certainly find remote openings from trusted brands from around the world.

20. Are you restricted to remote jobs/telecommuting engagements?

Yes! Our focus is on remote/telecommuting jobs. These could be open globally (available to remote workers from any part of the world) or Geo-restricted (available to remote workers from specific regions e.g. US, Asia etc).

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