3 remote work challenges and their perfect solutions

Remote work challenges and their perfect solutions on Jobrem - the no. 1 site for authentic and verified remote jobs


Remote work comes with its peculiar challenge which could negatively affect ones productivity if the right measure is not put in place to address the challenges.

Same way a typical 9 to 5 worker is affected by certain challenges such as; waking up early to beat the morning traffic, dealing with a bad boss that is seen every morning, working in a confined office and a specific location that restricts movement, as well as several other challenges. An online worker has some shit to deal with in order to remain productive.

Since an online worker has his or her own fair share of challenges, this article provides details on such challenges as well as the steps required to handle the challenges mentioned.

First: Rising early to work

The temptation to spend more time sleeping than necessary is usually faced by an online worker that is yet to prepare the right work schedule, especially when there is little task sent by clients to handle.

Individuals that are new to remote work or those that have little work to do fall under the category of those who get tempted to spend more time sleeping as compared to rising up early to get a work done.


It is common to witness seasons whereby you have little or no paid task to handle as a remote worker. Such a period requires you to develop yourself in other areas without spending much time sleeping, if you choose to engage in much sleep, the lifestyle may become part of you and you will find it difficult adjusting when you get bombarded with several task to handle from different online clients.

Second: Team Building

Remote workers have little need to engage with people physically and discuss ideas that can be explored. A 9 to 5 worker comes in contact with other fellow workers during working hours, and during break or lunch, they can decide to brainstorm over a new idea or something unrelated to the work they do. By so doing, they can decide to build businesses together as colleagues and get other projects done. As colleagues, they understand their strengths and they can develop something formidable and beneficial to their community or the world at large.

There are numerous stories about successful startups that were created by former employees of a company who decided to team up and do something remarkable. But a remote worker that has little contact with people will find this to be very challenging.


Someone who engages in remote work can choose to associate with high flyers irrespective of the kind of work they do. There are different organizations and paid membership platforms such as; Toastmasters, which could be a great place to build the right relationship with people and get things working.  Associating with like-minds and forward-thinking individuals will provide the right path towards building a good team for future project handling.

Third: Socializing

Similar to team building, remote workers may experience little difficulty socializing with people around them and the reason is obvious. They spend much time online interacting with people all over the world and they may not build solid relationship with such people except in rare cases. The inability to build strong relationship with the people they interact with online could be as a result of the restriction associated with those they meet online who choose not to divulge much information about themselves.

Though it is becoming popular to find persons who discover their better haves online, most start out on a friendly tone to socialize as compared to meeting someone on the basis of getting a work done.


As an online worker, you need to be prepared to go out of your way in search of avenues to mingle because those friendly meet ups can turn out to become an opportunity to meet someone who could be of positive influence to your personal life and business.

It may be difficult to make out time to stay away from your computer and socialize in the right environment especially when you get boomed with time-gulping projects to deliver online. But you should be aware that socializing could be part of your personal development and business growth strategies.


Remote work has its peculiar challenges, so recognizing this fact and taking adequate measures to address the challenges faced by online workers will ensure that you grow in every area, both in business and personal development.

Also, it is important to also take advantage of the ability to personally follow through your own schedule and network with people all over the world, once that is done, you will be able to stand out and be excellent at what you do. The ability to build a team of workers that will handle certain task for you will rightly enable you to effectively address some of the challenges mentioned above.

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